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Dual Credit Consultation Services Highschool College Student

Dual Credit Consultation

Dual Credit for College Bound Students An Early Start to BIG SAVINGS, by taking college courses in high school NOW!

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Dual Credit Consultation Services (DCCS) is a non-profit educational organization (501 (c )(3) that specializes in providing all the necessary components to prepare high school students for entry into dual credit/enrollment college programs.

Dual Credit Consultation founder Carla Mebane

Dr. Carla Mebane



Darryl Stewart

Board Member


Edric Hawthrone

Board Member


Angela Perkins

Board Member


Ms. Kristin Barrera

Student Success Coordinator

Plan Now for BIG Savings!

Dual Credit for College Bound Students An Early Start to BIG SAVINGS by taking college courses in high school NOW!!


Dual Credit refers to college level courses that allow students to earn both high school and
college credit simultaneously. Classes are taught by a high school instructor and are held at the student's
high school. As a result, this option is ideal for students who would like to experience college work in a
familiar classroom environment as well as those who may wish to avoid commuting to campus.


Students have an opportunity to experience rigorous academic coursework when enrolled in a
Dual Credit course. Prerequisites and course content are the same as if the course took place on the
college campus. Instructors must meet the same academic standards as an instructor at the college
or university and are classified as college faculty. Dual Credit courses help students transition 
to the challenges of a college schedule, enabling students to build self-confidence for continued
academic success.


Dual Credit courses evaluate a student's entire performance in the course, awarding
credit for successful completion of all coursework instead of relying upon a grade for a single
standardized exam. Instructors of Dual Credit courses must meet the same requirements required of
faculty at the college of university. In addition, course credits fall under the same guidelines for credit
transferability as any other college course offered in public and independent institutions.


The dual credit/enrollment programs vary in their intensity, as well. Some programs are
categorized as “singletons,” meaning that they are only a small part of the students’ high school experience.

Other programs, adhere to a “comprehensive” model and encompass most of the students’ junior and or
senior years. As students navigate through dual credit/enrollment programs  high schools may
ultimately allow students to leave their high school for full-time study on a college campus.

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